MBS partner with Monotote to offer in-site shopping

Here at JAPP Media, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Monotote to bring an in-site, one cart shopping experience to Mrbigstock.

So what does that mean for you, our ever loyal readers and shoppers? Well, anytime you see an order button on product images (examples shown below) you can now purchase those items directly on MBS without leaving our site and with one single checkout. That’s right – one checkout and your order is placed with any amount of retailers you are purchasing from.

Try it out below. One item is from Missguided and the other from Little Mistress. Click on order button and the little snazzy shop section you see on the left of your screen will pop out with full details. Don’t worry, you won’t actually be ordering anything (unless you want to of course).

Over the coming months, we will be adding multiple retailers across various sectors to complete our mission of making your online shopping experience faster and easier with one cart checkout.

Briefly, how does it work?

The buy buttons you see on our product images are linked to a secure and always up-to-date Universal Shopping Cart linking retailers together. Orders are processed onsite through our Monotote plugin, however, the retailer remains the merchant of record and retains control of the customer orders and experience. In short, when you shop via MBS, you are effectively shopping direct with multiple retailers. Your order will go to them and follow the exact same process as it would had you purchased from the individual retailers site.

one cart shopping at mbs
Our multi retailer pop-out shopping cart

How secure is the order process?

Orders are placed through Monotote’s secure API over an SSL connection, and are highly encrypted. Payment information is deleted from servers immediately after an order is completed, and every part of the process is PCI compliant, meaning shoppers can rest assured that our Monotote powered shopping experience is safe and secure.

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